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We have purely Organic Products tested and trusted and that’s all you need to maintain a healthy body system, and to take your Wealth to the next level. Congratulations you are at the right place.

About us

Dr Wiafe Kissi Emmanuel (Ghana) C.E.O

Edible herbs limited is an indigenous multilevel marketing company duly registered under the laws of the Federal republic of Nigeria and in partnership with Chinese, India, Ghana, and local companies.
We specialize in Network Marketing of traditional Chinese medicines, Indian supplements, Ghana herbal medicines from USA and our very own local herbal medicines which prevents and cures various ailments.
Edible herbs sincerely wishes to establish co-operative relationships with more customers and suppliers in pursuit of mutual development and win-win results in health and wealth.

Our Vision

We are determined to provide and maintain quality in delivery

Mission Statement

To serve and remain among the best in delivery of health and herbal products and services in alliance with global practice with reputable organisations with evidence of proven track records.

Core values


Our Foreign Partner

Ms. Wei Vee Vee Zhang

Founder of Sun Time Tea in Wuhan, Hubei which is the exact central position of China. Sun Time Tea is one with Vivid Tea which was registered in Hong Kong in 2010. The company strives on a Home grown tea passed down from generation to generation maintaining its organic quality and constantly satisfying consumers round the world.

Company Policy

The rules and regulations of Edible herbs are generally carried out with the purpose of protecting the rights as well.

Every distributor of Edible herbs are to understand and abide by all rules and regulations.

  • The company has the right to reject any application without any reason what so-ever.
  • All prospective applications must be sponsored by an already existing authorized distributor.
  • Application for change of sponsor or for transfer of some part or whole of his/her entire personal group Bv is not allowed.
  • It is against the company’s policy for any distributor to change sponsor through any means and any application submitted with the intention to change sponsors shall be rejected.
  • Transfer or change of sponsorship can only be approved by the management under the following conditions.
    -In the case of an unethical behavior by sponsor.
    -If there are any errors made by the company.
  • Every distributor must understand the marketing plan clearly and possess the necessary effort required to achieve success.
  • The company shall not spare any distributor that indulges in a fraudulent act in the course of doing Edible herb business.
  • No distributor shall impersonate Edible herbs trade name and information to serve the purpose of other business interest.  

No. 39, Osolo way, Ajao Estate, Lagos, Nigeria